Monday, August 24, 2009


when we face a dilemma in our everyday lives, it's common for us to ask the supernatural side of the world for a sign. we ask for any kind of symbolism that can help us reach a decision, whether or not we even believe in the supernatural.
although, the strange thing about asking for a sign, is that we only ever follow through with it's direction if it puts a positive light on the matter.
see, when you have feelings for someone, yet you are unsure if making a move is appropriate, then you would look out for any form of guidance. now, if there were signs saying it was not a good idea to persue anything, we would be more inclined to ignore the direction, and we would simply say, "it doesn't matter, i like him!". whereas if they were signs were positive, we would immediately push for something serious to happen. is this simply because we see what we 'want' was more important than the things that are better or 'healthier' for us and our feelings?
having said this, maybe bad signs are just our minds making little tests for our hearts, to discover how we honestly feel. and maybe bad signs only exist based on the interpretation. for example, if the way we feel about a particular situation is a mystery, then maybe our mind sets up a number of signs both for and against the issue. then, depending on our perception of these signs, is is made obvious as to what our heart truly wants. does this mean that rather than helping us come to a final conclusion, signs discover our initial feelings? if that is the case, then without realising, are signs that we see just helping us in reverse to actually understand what we want, or don't want? so instead of percieving signs as a form of mediation, maybe we should percieve them as a form of arbitration.

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