Monday, August 24, 2009


every year, new years resolutions are made for the year to come. yet, every year, new years resolutions are broken within the first week. we all do it. say, we are going to loose weight, eat healthier, become more helpful, supportive. some of us choose to say we are going to quit a bad habit, or even pick up a new and good one. whatever it is, when making a resolution you need to differentiate between an ideal resolution and a realistic one.
everyone has an ideal picture in their mind of how they wish their life was or how they wish things could be. and sometimes this ideal image can be so dominant over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour that you forget what is a realistic for you.
for as long i can remember, i have been a member of the i-dont-make-new-years-resolutions club. we consist of about, 60% of the population, and we believe that there is no point in making new years resolutions, as they are just going to be broken in the shortest amount of time possible. we think that we are smart for not bothering with something that will just make us be more disappointed in ourselves, but could it be that we actually don't have the inner strength to change our way of life, or to step out of our comfort zone? the more i thought about it, the more it made sense. resolutions reflect how you are as a person, depending on the type you make, and whether or not you keep it. so does being a member of the i-dont-make-new-years-resolutions club mean that i have little belief in myself and that i think i can't actually accomplish anything? this may or may not be true of me.
either way, i realised that i didn't want to take that risk if having no belief in myself, so i have decided to leave my comfort zone and make a resolution. ideally, it is to give everyone** i know, including myself, a second chance. as in, i am going to clear the slate and start over. i really dont think that you should live a life full of hatred, or continue to hold grudges against people. however, the realistic thing is that i am going to simply attempt this.
starting over with people, isn't about forgetting things that i have done to them, or what they have done to me, but it is about accepting the wrongful act and being able to just, get over it.

**there is only one person who is an exception to this.

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