Monday, August 24, 2009


aside from trust, when it comes to relationships, or even a romantic mutual connection, the one thing that stands out are the differences between the levels you and you're partner sit at. i'm talking about the levels of where you both are sexually, emotionally, even socially, intellectually or physically.
we can't choose whom we develop feelings for, and we can't choose the levels we are on, but can we choose whether or not the differences in levels become an issue?
if you liked someone, who liked you in return, you would want someting more, like a relationship, to come out of it, right? then what happens if you learnt that he was emotionally on a lower level than you. would you be able to work through it? or does it become too much of an issue, that eventually causes you two to never speak again? or what if, two people were on completely different levels sexually. would the one on the lower level get cold feet and start feeling guilty because they would not be able to measure up to what their partner would ideally like? would they turn their back on the one they have feelings for, because they can't deal with the difference?
or is it simply a matter of how much you feel for that person? if the connection was so strong, the difference in levels, no matter how great or small, shouldn't be an issue, right? you wouldn't even have to work through it, because neither of you would see a problem. so, does this mean that if you see an issue with the difference of levels between you both, then maybe you aren't right for each other?
having said this, what defines being right for each other, though? what is the criteria for it? maybe there isn't even a criteria, because maybe two people being right for each other doesn't even exist. maybe it really is just a matter of how strong, or weak, you're feelings are for that person. maybe that decision is a level within itself; the level of acceptance.

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