Monday, August 24, 2009

a real change in romeo?

we all the know the famous shakespearian story of romeo and juliet. the story of two people who fall into a forbidden love, and then find themselves as nothing without the other. the end result being death. personally, i think it's a beautiful story filled with romance, and pure happiness. even though it's a complete tradgedy at the same aspect of the story though, got me thinking. that was, the personality transformation that occurs in romeo and how men in reality can relate to it. if, they can relate to it.
you see, romeo is described as an extremely, promiscuous, man. all those who know him, describe him as someone who falls in and out of love too quickly. so in other words, he is not falling in and out of love, but rather falling in and out of lust. he is a charming, attention-seeking player.and as everyone knows, reality is full of those kind of men too. but what caused this game playing personality trait to simply, disappear? when he met his juliet, he fell into an unconditional love with her. and it never even crossed his mind that there would be anyone else for him in the world. he had literally changed from what we know as a typical man, to an ideal one. so this made me wonder, is there hope for our men in reality, to perfom such a genuine swap-over from playing the game, to having actual feelings?
as exciting as this thought may be, i had to force myself to remember that after all, romeo and juliet is just a fictional story. it's not based on real live events. it's not as if shakespear saw a man go from a womanizer to a prince charming, just because of one young lady. the story was just a brainwave for shakespear. just another crowd pleaser. and as nice as it would be for us women to experience these kind of events, we have to realise that shakespear's romeo and juliet is just the same as disney's fairytales. they both send out false hopes to the world. disney sends them to children, shakespear sent them to us; to me.

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