Monday, August 24, 2009


they say, practise makes perfect. so in other words, repeating the same thing over and over again will cause something good to happen. with playing the piano, or hitting a tennis ball, yes this may be the case. with relationships, not so much.
when it comes to men and you're relationships with them, repetition is not your friend. think about it. if you repetitively act in a way which results in a break-up, obviously it will keep happening. unless you break the pattern. break the repetition. if you repetitively choose the same kind of hurtful men, then you will never be happy. unless you break the pattern. break the repetition.
think back to all your ex's, all your lovers, all your f**k buddies. do they have anything in common? hair colour? height? weight? sense of humour? there's bound to be something. apart from the fact of course, none of them ever worked out. now, think of that one that did. your current relationship. why is that one working? and the others didn't?
i asked a close friend of mine, why her current relationship was going so well, when her previous relationships had failed quite intensly. she simply answered, "he is nothing like the rest." i wasn't happy with her response, so i argued back that they had to have something in common. she persisted however, with the fact that this one man really was different. that's when i wondered, maybe this is why its working. maybe because she broke her reptitive ways, she is finally able to have a successful and happy relationship.
even so, i still wasn't completely convinced that he was entirely unlike her past lovers. so i asked, "if you were to put them both in the same room, what would they talk about?" immediately she replied with, "me." two thoughts came to mind when she said that. one: there's the similarity. the two boys have her in common. and two: that settles it. the key to a successful relationship is to break the pattern. the key to happiness is to break the repetition.

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