Monday, August 24, 2009

the real beginning.

they say that the way you start your new year and how enjoyable you find it, reflects how the rest of your year will be. for example. if you start your new year on bad terms with someone, it will be that way for the majority of that year. or if you had the best night of your life, you will enjoy the year so much more. due to my previous new years celebrations, i agree with this statement.
one year i started the new year with a stomach bug. for the rest of the year i was a very unhealthy person. another year my mother and father weren't speaking and the rest of that year resulted in being the worst year of my life to date. on my first new years, out at a party, i drank too much, i kissed more than one person, i had numerous fights with one man, yet i had a really good time. you ask, was the rest of my year that literal? my answer, yes. i constantly fought with that same man, i continued to kiss way too many people and i drank basically every weekend. even so, i enjoyed it. so my question is, can we choose to break this new years curse, or do we just have to go along with it?
after contemplating this question for a while, i discovered an answer that was slightly inconclusive. i came to the conclusion that it is possible for you to break the new years curse, giving that you can believe in yourself enough to do it. the ones who dont believe they can, however, just have to go with it. i then, made two decisions. one: i was going to break it. and two: i was going to do this by starting my real new year today. the second day of the year.
i call this, the real beginning.
starting the new year on the second day, allows for opportunity. that being, you can reconsider anything you may have done to welcome the new year. that being, on new years day you can apply what you have learnt from the night before to how you are going to be for the next 364 days. that being, a new and fresh year really can begin, even after the calendar says so.

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