Friday, October 16, 2009

valentine's day.

for decades, the fourteenth of february has been a day of exchanging flowers, chocolates and teddy bears between two people who are romantically involved. this is known to everyone all over the world as st. valentine's day. generally speaking - based on the on-going tradition - females in relationships enjoy this day as it is another chance for them to be spoiled by the ones they care about, and then it is the men who sigh at the costly experience. you would think with it being the twenty-first century, and all the changes we are going through as a society, the obligation of celebrating this day would slowly disminish. however, every year it seems that valentine's day has taken more steroids than it's consumption the year before. i mean, even youtube has been shot by cupid and shows society's annual "love" day some recognition by having a rose on their homepage.
recently, a person of anonymity explained the reason behind the satisfaction they and others get from valentine's day. they believe, that it is simply a celebration of love. a day that they can allocate to expressing their true, romantically feelings. many of us non-believers would have much to say about this comment. that being, when you love someone, you should show it everyday. not all day everyday (because that eventually transforms into an unnecessary obsession), but at some point, you should show it everyday. showing someone you love them should not be an organised experience. if it's real, it should not need to be shown on a designated day in which the whole world acts in a cliche form. our society suffers from conformity enough as it is. we really don't need the one feeling we all long for - love - to turn into another action, just because we feel we have to.

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