Friday, October 16, 2009


at least once in your life, you are going to make a mistake. it's simply the truth about all of us, we all make mistakes. whether it be spelling a word incorrectly in your english essay, or writing the wrong number when doing a maths equation, or giving someone the incorrect change at work, or falling for the wrong person. no matter what we do wrong though, we have all been brought up with the same phrase embedded into our minds. that being, "you can learn from your mistakes". it is believed that this phrase is true. and that no matter what mistake you make, huge or tiny, a lesson can come out of it. but, what happens if the lesson is there, and you don't make use of it? what happens if you continue to make the same mistake over and over and over again, because you simply choose not to learn that lesson?
unlike writing something down on a piece of paper, when it comes to making a mistake in a relationship, there is no such thing as an eraser, or whiteout. you can't scribble something out and oh so simply start again. once the mistake is made, you have to deal with it. work around it. by theory, this should be a pro, rather than a con. not being able to completely terminate the mistakes you have made, allows you to revisit the past, and then quickly process what you should and shouldn't do in the present. realistically however, it is found that being able to find a mistake in your brain's memory file is something that brings down your spirits, rather than lift them.
deciding whether or not to learn from your mistake, is entirely up. to. you. no one else's choice, but your own. what is intriguing about this, is the reason behind why people choose to not, take advantage of the help sitting on a silver platter right in front of them. maybe, it simply comes down to believing in yourself. we are all aware that a lot of people suffer from the i-can't-do-that disease. i am one of those people. therefore i believe - and no doubt my fellow sufferers do as well - that this disease is the sole reason people choose to over look the lessons they can use to prevent further mistakes. they do this because they do not think they can do better. they do this because they feel like they aren't good enough.
i do it because i feel like i'm not good enough.
with every mistake that is made, there is someone to blame. if a cat walks onto the road and gets hit by a car, who is to blame? was it the cat for putting itself in danger? was it the driver, who didn't stop the car quick enough? was it the owner of the cat, who didn't keep their cat inside? either way, a conclusion is made. for screwing things up with a guy you were seeing, for having meaningless sex with a friend's ex, for breaking up with someone you realised you really liked, who is to blame? are we to blame because they have we have no confidence in the situation. or because we fall for the "wrong" people? are the people we fall for to blame, because they possibly disguise their own mistakes into a mistake made by us? are our friends to blame because they let us make the mistakes over again? or is it god to blame for not giving us life-crisis whiteout?
coping with the same mistakes you have made time and time and time again is hard enough, let alone having people rub your nose in it.

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