Monday, January 11, 2010

if you only knew.

you seem pretty decent.
i have a lot of respect for you.
i appreciate what you showed me.
plain and simple? annoying.
you're promiscuous actions are shaped by your lack of confidence.
our connection scared me a little.
i love you.
regardless of the game, it was worth it.
you make people feel sorry for you and it's pathetic.
i don't like you.
don't often find someone so down-to-earth; kudos.
you're a little lost when it comes to women.
attractive, yet too full on.
definitely a catch.
it's a little disappointing you were brainwashed into negativity.
you know how to get people to let you in and you use that to your advantage too much.
i'm slightly intimidated by you.
we've known each other for years, but we don't even know each other.
i've heard some things, but never seen it first hand.
i liked you before you got caught in the wrong crowd.
if we spoke now, i'd vote for mates.
i still don't know your last name.
little be hott.
not suprising, yet very random.
consequence of alcohol.
absolute champion.
i was a fool not to take advantage of the situation.
whether you were ever a good one or not, you're not now.
devil in disguse.
in the real world? no go.
way too confident.
just because you got crushed once, doesn't mean you can take it out on the entire female population nor does it justify the lies.
glad it ended.
you're charm is captivating.
without you now, i think i'd be different.
are you even real?
less than classy moment.
you make me sick.
i was crazy about you, yet ruined it because i never felt good enough.
not for me.
wrong on so many levels.
if i believed in any sort of "destined" thing, this would be it.
must have slipped out of reality.
fuck. off.
you said you were "the one", but really you're just "that one".
if i was ever to be blamed for being shallow, this would be a good arguement for it.
was just a matter of time my friend.
wasn't at all special.
i know believe they were all just lies.
yuck and a half.
hott and fucking fabulous.
the guilt will never, ever subside.
you'll always be a goody in my eyes.
novelty that had a lot of potential.