Saturday, January 9, 2010

bad luck.

ever gotten to a point in your not-so-average day and thought, can i have anymore bad luck? we all have those days at some point, but what brings them on? what makes bad luck occur?
some people believe in superstition. you know, walking under a ladder, killing a spider in the morning, putting new shoes on the table, breaking a mirror and opening an unmbrella inside are all meant to bring the bad luck omen. these little acts have so much power to make someone feel better. you see, if someone had a terrible night, that consisted of finding out their friends actually thought they were a slut and incompetent, or falling down the stairs in the backyard, or losing their favourite necklace, a superstition could easily justify this. if this unfortunate person had say, put their brand new shoes on the table earlier that day, they could then think, "that explains my bad night." this justification can help a person accept the problem and move on. without thinking twice about the possibility of a real issue - denial.
some people who don't put it down to superstitions, point the finger at karma. these people strongly believe that, what goes around comes around. so for example, if you cheated on your ex-boyfriend, and your bad luck was that your new boyfriend cheated on you, people would be able to yet again justify this action by saying, yep. karma's a bitch. but, what if you can't find something to justify your karma? what if there is a situation where you can't possibly think of what you did to deserve experience this unfortunate event? you know, where you are sitting alone and for almost the first time since you ended, your previous partner happens to walk past. all happy with his lover. the lover he had before you, during you, and obviously, now after you. what does the inability to justify the siutation, leave you with? having to face the real problem for the first time? maybe bad luck is just an excuse people use to avoid dealing with something in more depth. it could just be another defense mechanism.
on the other hand, maybe bad luck is just something based purely on interpretation. maybe bad luck is nothing but a pessimistic attitude to a person's own life. think back to any bad luck you have had, and ask yourself, is there any chance it can be interpretated in a positive way? if you think about it long and hard, there is bound to be even a hint of a silver lining. in a way, back luck is similiar to constructive criticsim. it's appears to be negative right then and there, but it's actually something positive for the future.
it's probably hard to see at first, but maybe bad luck doesn't have to be a bad thing. maybe bad luck, can bring something good.

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